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    Cockroach Extermination

    Cockroaches are medium to large in size and oval shaped. Their bodies are slightly flattened which allows them to hide easily in cracks and crevices. They are known to biologists to be one of the most successful groups of insects to ever have inhabited the planet as they have survived through many changes in their environment over hundreds of millions of years. There are approximately 3500 different species of roaches around the world. They are known as a hitchhiker, as they are frequently moved around by people or in products shipped around the world. In southern Ontario there are four common cockroach species: German, Oriental, American and Brown Banded. Cockroaches often spread from unit to unit in apartments or condominiums through the piping, wiring, plumbing and/or transported through furniture being moved from one place to another.

    How does Toronto Pest Control exterminate Cockroaches in your home or office

    The first step in all pest control services is to accurately identify the pest. Call Toronto Pest Control Services and our operators can identify your pest right over the phone (1-888-390-7378) or read on and this article will help you confirm your pest I.D. Next, we will email you a preparation letter that details what you can do to ensure the extermination is as effective as possible. A licensed technician will then come out to your home or business and do a visual inspection. The technician will use a combination of powder and liquid bait, aerosol and sprays depending on the situation. We warranty in writing that our process will rid you of these pests. We stand behind our commitment to you.


    Is there any health risks associated with cockroaches?

    Yes there is health risks associated with cockroaches. Cockroaches produce odorous secretions from various points in their bodies and these secretions can affect the flavor of foods. Disease producing organisms have been found on their bodies such as bacteria which can cause food poisoning. Cockroach excrement and cast skins contain allergens to which people can exhibit allergic responses and asthma attacks.

    What places in my home will I find Cockroaches?

    In homes and restaurants they are generally found in kitchens and bathrooms where they can find water, warmth, food and shelter. They have long spiny legs which allow them to run quickly. They can even scale a window or run across a ceiling as they have specialized pads on their tarsi. They are mostly active at night at which time they forage for food, water and mate. You may see them during the day time if there is a heavy infestation. They prefer a moist environment and warm areas. They are known as a scavenger and like to live in unsanitary conditions such as garbage cans, piles of garbage, sewage systems, and septic tanks. That is why we put such an emphasis on sanitation procedures and that they must be followed. Cockroaches like to hide in cracks and crevices that provide warmth and humidity.

    What do they like to eat?

    Cockroaches are not a social insect like an ant, therefore they like to generally forage for food individually. They have chewing mouth parts which enables them to eat a wide variety of foods. They are very fond of meat products, sweets, grease and starches, but can essentially eat anything often including each other.

    Cockroaches develop by a gradual metamorphosis which has 3 stages egg, nymph, and adult. A nymph looks somewhat similar to an adult but is smaller and has no wings and may be slightly different in colour.

    What do the different Roaches look like?

    German cockroach

    The German cockroach is the most common species in Southern Ontario. They are often found in hotels, restaurants, homes and apartments. They can eat virtually anything humans are able to as well many other materials including wallpaper glue and book binding glue. They can trigger asthma attacks and may cause allergic reactions. They also spread germs to food, preparation surfaces, utensils and dishes. German Cockroaches develop from hatching until sexual maturity more quickly than other cockroach species and thus have a greater reproductive potential. Populations may develop very quickly.

    Adults are pale to medium brown in colour and ½ - 5/8-inch long. They also have two dark strips along their anterior, dorsal portion of the thorax. They have well developed wings but don’t fly. Adult females also carry their egg capsules and can produce four to eight egg capsules in their life time. Each capsule contains 30 to 48 eggs and takes 20 to 30 days to hatch. Average life span for a German cockroach is one year.

    American Cockroach

    The American cockroach is known as the water bug, or flying water bug. It is the largest and rarest cockroach in Southern Ontario growing to about 1 ½ inches in size. It is reddish brown in colour with a pale brown or yellow border on the upper surface. Both sexes have wings but the males extend past its abdomen. The females drop their egg capsule with 14-16 eggs within one day of being produced. Eggs hatch in about 50 to 55 days. Females are able to produce between 15 and 90 egg capsules during their life time. The adult females can live up to 15 months. They like dark moist areas to live in like basements, crawlspaces, as well as bathtubs, clothes hampers, floor drains, pipe chases, and sewers. Adults can survive about 3 months without food but only a month without water. These roaches will only fly if temperatures are over 30oC (85oF).

    Brown Banded Cockroach

    This roach is quite common and looks similar to the German Roach but has 2 coloured bands across its wings, it is light brown in colour and is 1 ½ cm in length. Brown Banded cockroaches are typically found away from food sources as they prefer dry and warm conditions compared to the German Cockroach who lives in humid conditions and therefore is found around food sources. They can be found on ceilings, behind picture frames, underneath tables and chairs, in furniture and electrical appliances. Their eggs can take about 160 days to develop and their egg cases can contain anywhere from 15 to 20 young. They lay their eggs in crevices such as cracks of furniture.

    Oriental Cockroach

    The Oriental cockroach is also known as the water bug, black beetle or shad roach. The female Oriental cockroach is about 1 ¼ inches long while the male is about 1 inch. They have wings but neither sex can fly. Adults are very dark in colour almost black and they have a greasy shine to their body. The female carries her egg capsule for about 30 days and then drops it. She will produce an average of 8 capsules which will have approximately 16 eggs each. The eggs hatch in about 60 days. They like high moisture areas and are often found in sewers, drains, damp basements and bathtubs. They like to feed on all kinds of filth and decaying matters. They can live without food for one month and two weeks without water.

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