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    Rat Removal  |  Mice Removal

    Rat Removal

    Rats are a common pest issue in southern Ontario.


    The Toronto Pest Control Services technician will:
    1. Inspect your property for holes in the exterior walls where rats may gain entry and features in your landscaping that may be attractive to them.
    2. We will use appropriate methods such as bait, traps and exclusion to eradicate rats from your property. At Toronto Pest Control Services safety is always our highest priority.
    3. Give you a simple written warranty.
    Pest control should always strive to find the root causes of infestation and make recommendations to the homeowner or property manager so as to permanently reduce the chances of re-infestation in the future as well as reducing the need for pesticides. Questions? Call Toronto Pest Control Services at 1-888-390-7378 or read our sections on general information and frequently asked questions.


    How should I prepare before the Toronto Pest Control Services technician arrives?

    It is a good idea to look for signs of where rats may be in and around your home. The technician will ask you lots of questions about sounds you may have heard where and at what time of day or night. Outside you may have seen holes in your garden or close to your house or you may have seen gnaw marks in areas in your house. Just try to take note of all these sorts of observations.

    How do I know its a rat and not a mouse?

    Rats are far more common in rural or farm type settings than they are in our cities. Modern pest control practices have been very successful in reducing urban populations. Mice are about 20 times more likely to be in your home than rats in the city. A mouse is very small weighing only about 40 grams or a little over an ounce while rats weigh close to half a kilo or one pound and are about 8 inches long plus a tail. Rats are almost always on your ground floor or in the basement while mice can be anywhere in your house. Rats are big so they are loud and you will almost always have heard them in your house. Their dropping look are almost identical except rat droppings are about 10 times the size.

    What diseases do rats transmit?

    Over the last 1000 years rat borne diseases have certainly killed more people than all the wars ever fought. Rats transmit about 40 different diseases to humans. Some of the most common are Salmonella, Rat-bite-fever and Leptospirosis. In the US rats have tested positive for bubonic plague every year.


    In southern Ontario the only species of rat normally found associated with people is the Norway rat also called Brown rat or Wharf rat. Fear and revulsion of rats is deeply ingrained in almost every human culture in the world. 800 years ago fleas carried by rats spread bubonic plague which killed nearly one third of the population of Europe and countless millions throughout the rest of the world. Rats spread disease and cause serious economic loss to people all over the world.


    The Norway rat is quite a large rat with the body measuring 20 25 cm and the hairless tail being between 12 21cm. Their colour varies from light brown to very dark brown. This species is found everywhere that people live. It is an excellent swimmer and a fair climber however it does not climb trees and is rarely found above ground level in buildings and houses. Norway rats can survive southern Ontario winters outside much more easily than the house mouse but still tend to live close to human habitats.

    Life cycle

    The Norway rat can breed at an enormous rate. Females in fairly good conditions will average 6 liters totaling 40 offspring per year. The pups are sexually mature at around 10 weeks of age and each of those liters will then begin reproducing. Just a few rats can grow to thousands over the course of a year with an unlimited food supply. In real world situations this exponential growth rarely occurs but it is a major threat in the agricultural and food distribution industry where grains and other large food sources are stored.


    The Norway rat is omnivorous (eats both meat and plants) and can eat anything that humans eat and more. Other food sources may include paper, leather, soap and some types of wax. Rats outdoors will also hunt other small animal prey including snakes, mice, insects and birds in addition to garbage, leaves, grasses, seeds and a variety of other plant material.


    Unlike mice, rats are very fearful animals, instinctively afraid of anything new or unknown. They are also very intelligent with an accurate memory of everything in their territory. This characteristic makes pest control methods much more challenging. Anything new will be avoided for days or even weeks. Norway rats are excellent burrowers and gnaw constantly to keep their incisors sharp. Burrows generally go about 1m deep but sometimes they can dig much deeper burrows. There are many chambers below ground for rearing young and storing food. There is almost always a second entrance or bolt hole. They tend to dig burrows close to structures or underneath ground cover or concrete pads. Rats are social animals with a pack usually consisting of 1 male and 5-15 females. When populations grow large this pattern may breakdown.

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